The upgrades system is a WIP feature that will allow various upgrades modifying the properties and abilities of any armor with an ExoSuit Upgrade Module installed. Detailed information about the planned upgrades and how the system will work will be stored on this page until completion.


Craftable upgrades will be able to be added to any armor with the ExoSuit Upgrade Module installed. Currently, the planned system for implementing upgrades is a simple one- just combine the desired upgrade with an Exo-Modified piece of IC2CA armor. A more complex system, involving an electric crafting table of sorts, is being considered and may be implemented after the core of the system is in place.

Planned Uses of Existing IC2 UpgradesEdit

Overclocker Upgrade
Grid Overclocker upgrade

The overclocker upgrade will be able to increase the rate at which an item can charge and drain in any energy storage unit.

Energy Storage Upgrade
Grid Energy storage upgrade

The energy storage upgrade will increase the max EU capacity of any item it is combined with.

Transformer Upgrade
Grid Transformer upgrade

The Transformer Upgrade will be used to decrease the charging tier of an item. For example, adding 1 transformer upgrade to a Tier 3 item like a piece of QuantumSuit armor will allow it to be charged in an MFE.

New UpgradesEdit

Energy Storage Upgrade Mk II
Energy storage 2

and  Energy Storage Upgrade Mk III
Energy storage 3

The Energy Storage Upgrades Mk II and Mk III will have the same effect as the IC2 Energy Storage Upgrade, only much greater.

QuantumTech ModuleEdit

This upgrade will increase the defensive abilities of any Exo-enabled NanoSuit or QuantumSuit.

Solar Production Upgrade Module
Solar production upgrade module

This upgrade will increase the EU/tick production of any Exo-enabled Solar Helmet.

Static Production Upgrade Module
Static production upgrade module

This upgrade will increase the EU production of any Exo-enabled Static Boots.

Flight Turbine Upgrade Module
Flight turbine upgrade module

This very expensive upgrade will give any Exo-enabled Jetpack the power of true, battery-operated flight.

QuantumSafe ModuleEdit

This upgrade will allow access to an electronic player specific safe. By researching the highly advanced technology invented by Bill (of Bill's Pokemon PC), we have found a way to store Items electronically and access them from any armor, anywhere (as long as you have a fair bit of EU in your tank... ;)

Cloaking Upgrade Module
Cloaking upgrade module

This upgrade will use advanced camera technology in order to make you blend in with your surroundings just like a chameleon.

Discharge Upgrade Module
Discharge upgrade module

This upgrade allows you to immidiately discharge a large amount of energy from the piece of armor it is installed in, causing a small lightning storm where the player is looking.

Teleportation ModuleEdit

This (not fully decided) module will either

(A) allow you to teleport to IC2 teleporters across the world, or

(B) allow you to teleport to coordinates of your choice

(at a high EU cost, of course)

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