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What is IC2CA?

IndustrialCraft 2 Combo Armors, or IC2CA, is an addon for the IndustrialCraft 2 mod for Minecraft. Have you ever wished you could wear your Jetpack and your Lappack at the same time? Have you ever worn the QuantumSuit Bodyarmor to protect you from damage, but wished that you could recharge your drill? This mod adds many items that allow you to do just that, from the Solar QuantumSuit Helmet to the LapiJetpack to the Ultimate QuantumSuit Bodyarmor.

Help us test out our first release! We've tested it extensively ourselves, but there's bound to be some bugs we never noticed.  :)

The Equipment

Our wide variety of Armor and Accessories will protect and support you through a wide variety of situations. From Helmets to Chestplates to Boots, our combo armors will grow with you as you progress, and keep your equipment powerful and useful. Also check out our Other Items to find out how to combine and upgrade these powerful armor pieces, and maybe even find an awesome new Ranged Weapon!

Speaking of Upgrading, the versatile upgrade system of IC2CA allows you to modify your combo armors in a variety of ways. Not only do we find new uses for the existing IC2 Upgrades, but our scientists have cooked up some New Upgrades of our own!


Download Current Version

A full changelog can be viewed here.


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Todo List

1. More Cross-mod compatability

2. More awesome upgrades


UnixRano: Project Head, Lead Coder, Artist, Design

MasterMan1010: Lead Artist, Design, Beta Tester

Ishaan1: Lead Wiki Design, Beta Tester, Test Server Owner

Kyogredude: Design, Beta Tester

DragnHntr: Lead Wiki Contributor, Wiki Moderator, Awesome Person