The special upgrade modules of IC2CA are controlled by a variety of commands. The main functions you need to be aware of can be found in your options menu under Controls, and they are:

IC2 keybinding called "Mode Switch Key"  default M

and the new keybinding called "IC2CA Upgrades Key"  default ` (the Grave Accent key, the same key as ~ Tilde on US keyboards, it is located left of 1)

Flight Turbine Upgrade
Flight turbine upgrade module

To toggle flight using the Flight Turbine Upgrade:

IC2CA Upgrades Key

Discharge Upgrade
Discharge upgrade module

To fire an energy blast with the Discharge Upgrade:

IC2CA Upgrades Key + Attack (default mouse button 1)

Cloaking Upgrade
Cloaking upgrade module

To engage stealth with the Cloaking Upgrade:

IC2CA Upgrades Key + IC2 Mode Switch Key

Laser Module
Laser Upgrade

WARNING! Laser Module Currently in testing phase of development. DO NOT attempt to operate Laser Module or risk potentially serious side effects. Side effects may include: Self Immolation, nausea, disintigration of valuable personal property, slight headache, loss of household pets, sleeplessness, and instant painful death. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Laser module is not implemented yet actually, check back later! When it does get implemented the keybinding will be:

IC2CA Upgrades Key + Sneak (default Left Shift)

Nanobow img

Nano BowEdit

While not an upgrade, the Nano Bow has many modes you can toggle through. You can easily switch the bow's modes by pressing:

IC2 Mode Switch Key + Use (default mouse button 2)

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