Discharge upgrade module
Using this upgrade will immidiately discharge a large amount of energy from the piece of armor it is installed in, causing a small lightning storm near the player (or more specifically, where the player is looking).

The lightning storm will consume 10,000 EU per bolt, with a maximum bolt number of 10, and a maximum EU consumption of 1/10th of the maximum EU of the item installed in.

For example, a Lappack, with a max charge of 300,000 EU would produce 3 lightning bolts and comsume 30,000 EU each time. However, if you tried to use the overcharge module on an un-upgraded batpack, which has a max EU of 60,000, you would be unable to, as 1/10th of the maximum EU is only 6,000.

To fire an energy blast with the Discharge Upgrade:

IC2CA Upgrades Key + Attack (default mouse button 1)


4 Refined Iron

2 Advanced Circuit

2 Tesla Coil

1 Iridium Plate

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