Cloaking upgrade module
This upgrade will use advanced camera technology in order to make you blend in with your surroundings just like a chameleon. A fair warning though; because invisibility is useless when you have armor on, all of your armor will be removed and... "stored" elsewhere. But don't worry; it won't be gone for good. Once you deactivated the cloaking engine, your armor will be restored, enchantments, upgrades, and all.

This also means that if you are using a flight turbine module and are flying high above the ground when you activate the cloaking, you will most likely plummet to your death. I could add a few lines that allow you to do things like fly, generate EU from solar, and generate EU from static even while invisible... but I like it better this way.  ;)

To engage stealth with the Cloaking Upgrade:

IC2CA Upgrades Key + IC2 Mode Switch Key


4 Refined Iron

2 Advanced Circuit

2 Golden Carrot

1 Iridium Plate

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